/ The 3  Principles

"We can only see what our mind can shape into thought, and we can only know as reality the picture our thinking paints. That is the innocence; our perception is so small and personal; yet we cannot see what we do not think"

Principles are a fundamental truth describing the foundation of how things function.   

The principles of Mind, Thought and Consciousness have guided people to see the connection between their mental health and their experience of life.  All three Principles are working together, in every moment, giving us our experience of life regardless of whether we believe or understand them.

Realising the principles behind life, i.e. the system that is constantly creating our experience of life from within, naturally leads to a more peaceful state of mind, clarity of thought and resilience.



“All three  elements – Mind, Consciousness and Thought – are the lifeline to our very existence.  It is through these three elements that we have the power to realise the very existence of life”  (Sydney Banks)




Seeing the inside out nature of life creates a shift in our perception allowing us to see that nothing outside of us has the potential to affect us. Therefore, understanding the principles has the potential benefit of accessing our own resilience, wisdom, gratitude, love,connection, clarity and peace of mind.


The Universal Mind is the spiritual essence behind all life, the source of all energy, the creative intelligence with  infinite potential. It never changes, is always a constant and we all have the opportunity to access it


Thoughts are arbitrary and a gift that we are born with which gives us the ability to create our own emotional reality. We are the thinking  creatures that from moment to moment are painting our reality through our thoughts.  Understanding that we think rather than analysing the content of our thoughts is the key to unlocking our potential for resilience, well being, wisdom, happiness and freedom of choice.


Consciousness gives us a sensory experience of our thinking.  It is a gift giving us the awareness of the picture we are painting via  thought.